Delphinus invites you to reflect and express yourself to take care of the oceans and

all forms that live in it!

Get inspired and participate!


   a) The main theme of the drawings is explaining the relationship and impact of humans on our ocean. The works must express ONE of the           following FIVE themes: climate change, overfishing, plastic pollution, invasion of exotic species or the conservation of the vaquita. Show           the problem, but also solutions.

   b) The size of the drawing MUST be LEDGER/TABLOID (27.9 X 43 CM or 11 x 17 inches). Works in other formats are not accepted. All                       techniques and materials will be accept except for digital drawings. The back of the drawing should inclued the following                                     information: 


  1. Title of the drawing, your full name, age, gender and city of residence. 

  2. Name of your school and grade you are currently studying.

  3. Name of your father, mother or legal guardian.

   4. A phone number and an email.


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1. Categories

   1.1.   International Category
            All children and young people from 6 to 15 years of age who live outside of Mexico can participate.

   1.1.1. There will be three subcategories in this category.
    i        6-9 years
    ii       10-12 years
    iii      12-15 years

2. Prizes


      2.1.    International Category: There will be 3 winners for each subcategory and one global winner.  

      2.1.1  International Global Winner: Trip for two to Cancun (winner and one adult, either father, mother or guardian) Includes 2 round-trip                        plane tickets in economic class departing from the winner’s country of residence,  3 hotel nights, local transportation in Cancun and                    a double PRIMAX interaction with dolphins in a Delphinus habitat. The winner will be able to select the date of travel, starting                                from the day of the announcement until May 31st, 2022, with the exception of summer break, spring break or december holidays, as                    well as long weekends or holidays established in the Mexican official calendar.

      2.1.2. First, second and third place of each subcategory. A Delphinus merchandise package, a commemorative medal and a participation                      certificate to be delivered via courier.

      2.2.    The winners of all categories will be announced on Jun 2,2021, at an event scheduled for this purpose.

      2.3.    Prizes are not exchangeable for valuables, cash or other activities.

3. Submission of Entries


         3.1. Outside of Mexico: send your work through a photograph with the best possible resolution to the email following the instructions:                      Step 1. Place a 12-inch or 30 cm ruler on the side of your drawing for size reference and take a photograph. Step 2. Take a photo of                    your drawing, without the ruler, in high definition. Make sure the entire drawing is visible in the photograph. Step 3. Take a                                    photograph of the back of your drawing with the information requested in section b of the rules. Send the three photographs                              to the email and that's it! You are participating in the contest.                                                 


4. Jury and participation

         4.1.  The jury will be made up of visual artists and media personalities from Cancun, Quintana Roo. Delphinus’ staff are not involved in                       defining the winners. The jury’s decision will be final.

         4.2. This is a contest of good faith, for all controversies and aspects that are not expressly stated in these rules, Delphinus, through its                      executives, reserves the right to make the necessary decisions to resolve any situation.

         4.3. The sole participation in this contest is a tacit acceptance of the rules presented in this document. The parents or guardians of                            participating children agree that Delphinus (Operadora Xuná SA de CV) or affiliated companies using the drawings for publication,                      printing with or without profit, as well as transmission and retransmission by any means of communication known or to be known                    and that none of these uses will imply economic or other compensation, present or future.


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